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My name is Jonathan Newton. I am an economist at the University of Sydney. My research interests encompass evolutionary game theory, coalitional behaviour, matching, bargaining, finance and strategic information transmission.

As he rose and fell; He passes the stages of his age and youth; Entering the whirlpool.

Curriculum Vitae.


Upcoming trips:

Big Basho (2015):
University of Aizu – November 3rd
Kyoto University – November 5th
Keio University – November 9th
University of Tokyo – November 10th
Hitotsubashi University – November 12th

Previous trips:

Tour of the Americas (2012):(pic)
Boston University – November 13th
Cornell University – November 19th
McGill University – November 23rd

Euro Trip (2013):(pic)
Université de Lausanne – February 3-20th
Universität Zürich – February 20th

2NEwhere (2013):
Seoul National University – April 3rd
Sogang University – April 4th

Ox-tober (2013):
Birkbeck – October 7th
Queen Mary – October 17th
Oxford – October 29th (and all month)

Euro Trip 2: Encore une fois (2014):
Royal Holloway, London – October 22nd
University of Essex – October 23rd
University of Edinburgh – October 27th
University of York – October 29th
University of Oxford – October 31st
University of Cologne – November 3rd
Bielefeld University – November 4th